A Responsible Steward of Your Legacy, Customers, and Employees

NearU has pioneered a seller-focused transaction approach, giving business owners more control over the sale of their business and more input over their legacy than ever before.

Not only do we offer fair value for the business you've built, but we also work with your employees to make your business stronger than ever.

NearU has a very well-capitalized balance sheet, allowing for an expeditious process and competitive offer and deal terms for potential sellers.

NearU’s people-centric execution approach ensures a warm welcome of your entire team to the NearU family.

NearU's Evolving Legacy Program

NearU's Evolving Legacy Program facilitates the sale process, ensuring a seamless transition for business owners, including their employees and customers. Our acquisition approach is collaborative and fair.

Our transition process protects the business you've built and the people who have helped build it

Our Evolving Legacy Program process is designed to be straightforward, transparent, and expeditious. Most of our sales have been completed in just over eight weeks.

  • 1 WEEK

    Phase 1

    Initial conversation and preparatory phase

  • 2-3 WEEKS

    Phase 2

    Initial diligence and agreement on deal terms

  • 4-5 WEEKS

    Phase 3

    Business & legal diligence, purchase agreement finalization, and transition planning

  • 1 WEEK

    Phase 4

    Deal closing and employee onboarding

Get support, insights, and resources from leading industry experts

NearU has captured the attention of veteran business owners, HVAC industry titans, and visionaries across a range of sectors. These experts are here to support your business through the sale and transition process, and toward a bright and successful future.

How our veteran leadership team supports your company's growth...

  • Financial Bandwidth

    NearU's deep financial pockets allow us to promote and grow the business you've built to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

  • Operational Expertise

    Recruiting, operations, HR, technology, marketing, purchasing, finance, accounting, legal, and more. NearU's leadership team has over 100 years of combined HVAC experience.
  • Culture

    NearU’s core philosophy mandates performance and accountability while keeping organizational culture as our North Star. Our first priority is ensuring a top-notch employee experience.

  • Access to NearU University

    NearU University provides existing employees with a best-in-class education on the delivery of exceptional customer service experiences.

  • Long-Term Growth Initiatives

    Our mission is to support your company's long-term growth. We do not believe in siphoning profits out of the businesses we acquire in order to appease a small group of shareholders.

  • Marketing & Sales Support

    NearU brings strong marketing and sales capabilities to capture the largest possible local market share, and improve outcomes for managers, employees, and shareholders.

The NearU team fulfilled their promise to deliver a highly confidential and efficient transaction at a fair value for our shareholders. Their approach is honest, and they remained steadfast in their commitment to the agreed-upon deal terms. We are very confident that the NearU team will take excellent care of MARK-AIR’s customers, invest in career opportunities for our employees, and take our legacy to greater heights.

—Mark Edelman, Founder of MARK-AIR

Taking our visionary approach and process to a state near you

Strategic acquisitions in the fastest-growing regions of the U.S. will ensure that NearU maintains an enduring edge over its competitors.

Does your business have what it takes to become a NearU partner?

NearU is constantly seeking out new HVAC businesses who have achieved strong brand recognition in their markets. If that sounds like your business, then we want to hear from you.

Sell with Confidence to a Team That Understands and Respects Your Legacy